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About Apunga

Apunga Ecological Management is a privately owned and operated business specialising in natural area management, bush regeneration, landscape rehabilitation and native revegetation in Sydney and surrounding areas. Established by Marc Stettner in 2005, it draws together passionate qualified professionals in order to develop and deliver best practice.
Our Mission is to……

  • Promote native ecosystems and balance
  • Promote connection with nature and conservation principles
  • Provide the highest standards of advice and services
  • Provide value for money while exceeding industry and environmental standards
  • Minimise resource use and waste and maximise the use of recycled materials
  • Educate to promote a sustainable future
  • Connect you with your garden by creating beautiful native outdoor living spaces


IMG_3481Apunga Ecological Management (AEM) currently has a team of highly qualified employees with comprehensive ecological management skills and extensive experience in most vegetation communities present in Sydney.
The experience of our personnel qualify us for a broad range of bush regeneration and restoration works, landscaping, natural drainage construction, major revegetation and seed collection. We are also able to offer vegetation mapping, Bushland Management Plan formulation, flora/fauna surveys and environmental education activities.

AEM has developed and enforced comprehensive WH&S and Quality Management Systems tailored to the size of our operation. There is comprehensive safe work methods statements in place for all actives and the managing director has received certificate IV training in WH&S practices.

AEM benefits from a small team of employees that are passionate about theBarrenjoey environment and the improvement of vegetation health, whilst also having experience working with a wide spectrum of vegetation types.  AEM operates above and beyond the expectations of NAR providers and delivers consistent high quality field work.  An advantage of using a small company such as AEM is either the owner/operator or head supervisor, and quite often both, will lead the team in the field creating solid results and ensuring consistency.  It is also noted that the AEM internal pay structure for staff is well above the award rate, which compliments the already focused work efforts. Management and our staff appreciate an ongoing fluid relationship with our contract managers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further queries.