Assisted Natural Regeneration

  • Over any landscape scale
  • Areas mapped, resilience identified
  • Management plans produced and executed
  • Assisting natural succession
  • Target noxious and environmental weed management
  • Primary and maintenance weeding
  • Flora and Fauna diversity improvement

Staff are trained and equipped in the use of a range of chemical-free weeding techniques.



  • Native Revegetation
  • Small and large scale revegetation plantings
  • Wetland construction
  • Phytoremediation
  • Catchment rectification
  • Any degraded areas

Weed Control

  • Control and eradicate weed infestations
  • Be proactive about controlling the spread of weeds into adjacent bushland
  • Efficient low chemical control methods
  • Use of alternatives to traditional chemical methods such as flame weeding, organic herbicide spraying and mechanical/physical removal

Staff are trained and qualified in single pitch abseiling for weed control works on cliff faces and hard to access areas.

Apunga Native Nursery


The Apunga Native Nursery, located in Mangrove Mountain on the Central Coast, can provide quality native plants for small or large orders.

The dedicated and highly skilled nursery staff are committed to providing a greater than normal diversity of plants of local provenance and also specialise in hard to find plants and custom orders. For the latest stocklist and pricings please email

Environmental Education


AEM has developed an extensive range of environmental education services. Drawing on staff with over 30 years experience between them, and a vast network of available experts, the programs on offer are comprehensive and varied. All programs and events are highly flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals and organisations.Some of the services available include:

  • Multi-week bush regeneration courses for schools or adults
  • One off workshops or activities for schools or adults
  • Evening presentations for adults
  • One on one consultations with private property holders
  • Running corporate planting/bush regeneration activities and National Tree Day activities

For a full list of all the available programs and activities, as well as details on costings and staff, please download the Apunga Ecological Management Environmental Information Package here


Environmental Consulting

AEM staff have extensive experience in delivering environmental consulting services, including the following:

  • Vegetation Assessments
  • Bushland Management Plans
  • Flora/Fauna surveys

Native Landscapes – Residential 

We can transform your property into a secluded native hideaway that is low maintenance and promotes the natural environment of your area. We can also assist in the implementation of vegetation management plans and Development Approval requirements with professional bush regeneration maintenance programs.


Why chose a native garden:

  • Water efficiency
  • To naturally cool your home
  • Stop mowing
  • Low maintenance
  • And to naturally improve your soil

What Native Landscapes offer:

  • The company of butterflies and birds
  • The chance to create habitat for animals and add to Wildlife corridors
  • Bush foods, wildflowers and beautiful native ornamental trees
  • Possible Wetlands and dams, frog ponds and water features
  • A chance to do less mowing and brush cutting
  • A way of blocking out your view of your neighbours or your road
  • Noise minimization and can reduce the effect of strong winds
  • Fast growing spaces.

 Native Landscapes – Commercial

  • Weed control and site preparation
  • Implementation of vegetation management plans and Development Approval requirements
  • Native plant procurement service
  • Native Landscape installation, implementation and project management by skilled teams
  • Professional scheduled establishment and maintenance programs
  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Environmental Protection Fencing
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Environmental restoration and site rehabilitation


We can provide an all in one service for your total vegetation management and landscape requirements, or work in with your existing consultants and contractors.

In order to restore an area towards an aesthetic

  • Small and large scale revegetation planting
  • Wetland construction
  • Phytoremediation
  • Catchment rectification
  • Degraded areas